Moroccan Villas

Residential Property

Villa #1

A large villa in the Palmeraie in Marrakesh for the American Ambassador Freck Vreeland and his wife the mosaic artist Vanessa Somers Vreeland. Over a period of 10 years lots of adjustments additions and improvements were made to the house the Vreeland’s had built in the Palmeraie, including a Spanish balcony, breakfast room and terrace, and a Balinese studio for Vanessa’s work.  The house is built using traditional ‘pise’(adobe) and uses passive technology to cool the house and solar energy to heat and pump the fresh water from the aquifer. The house has featured in various magazine shoots and most recently as the location for the Marni for H&M advertisement directed by Sophia Coppola.

Villa #2

When the Vreeland’s decided to build a new property outside Marrakesh in the green valley of the Ourika towards the Atlas Mountains, I was able to work with them again on the new house. The views are sensational and the house looks due south towards the Atlas Mountains. The house is built using traditional ‘pise’ (adobe) and reclaimed antique doors the exterior is informed by both the Kasbah and the Moroccan farm, enclosed and then opening out towards the mountains.


  • International
  • Villa
  • Traditional Adobe Building
  • Solar Technology